Walnut 01 Clothes Rack

Walnut 01 Clothes Rack

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The Walnut 01 Clothes Rack from weld & co unites form, function, and flexibility. Its solid walnut and elegant steel components harmonize in a subtle and understated design while also offering practical storage options. The base made of wooden planks serves as a shelf, while the rack provides hanging space. Its soft casters make it easy to move the clothes rack wherever it’s needed, on all types of flooring.

In the bedroom and dressing room, it functions as a multi-purpose rack for your clothing or even a valet stand. In the hall or entryway, it provides a great place to hang coats and jackets. And in the bathroom, gym, exercise room, or next to the sauna, it’s a handy shelf or a rail to hang up clothes or towels.

The Walnut 01 Clothes Rack is available in three sizes, making it a great fit for almost any room. The frame and rail come in either black or white.

The Walnut 01 Clothes Rack is delivered unassembled in two packages and can be put together in just a few easy steps. You’ll find more information in our assembly instructions.

Do you have questions about our Walnut 01 Clothes Rack? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Oiled walnut,
sturdy powder-coated metal

S 90 × 40 × 160 cm
M 117 × 40 × 160 cm
L 150 × 40 × 160 cm

Purchase includes:
Clothes rack, mounting hardware

Mounting & assembly

Every weld & co home accessory or piece of furniture that has to be assembled or mounted comes with the necessary materials and instructions. If you have any questions about mounting or if any questions arise in the process, please contact our technical support team at +49(0)5731 4962902 or by email.

Care instructions

All our surfaces are extremely easy to maintain and do not require any special care. For cleaning, please use a feather duster or a soft, slightly damp cloth. If at all necessary, please use mild cleaning agents. Please do not use harsh cleaners, abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing solvents. They will attack the surfaces and do more damage than good.
Please be sure to remove wet stains (for example, water, juice, wine) on wood surfaces as quickly as possible. Strongly staining stains (such as stains of fruits, tea, coffee and red wine) must be removed immediately from all surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the Walnut 01 Clothes Rack need assembly?
The Walnut 01 Clothes Rack is delivered disassembled. Assembly is done in a few simple steps. Detailed assembly instructions are included with each bench. If you have any questions about assembly or if any questions arise during assembly, you can reach our technical support team at +49(0)5731 4962902.
What tools do I need to assemble a cothes rack of the Walnut collection of weld & co?
Please have a 4 mm Hexagon socket wrench/ Allen wrench ready for assembling the Walnut 01 Clothes Rack. Allen wrenches are also known as “Allen key“ or „Hex key“.
Can I wheel the walnut clothes rack across delicate floors?
The soft casters we use are suitable for all floors. To be save, we recommend a prior check if any small stones, shards, etc. got caught in the rubber of the casters. This is most likely when the clothes rail is used in the entrance area.
Can I convert my Walnut 01 Clothes Rack into an Walnut 01 Coat Rack?
In principle, it is possible to convert the Walnut 01 Clothes Rack to a Walnut 01 Coat Rack. If you are interested and want to receive guidelines, please contact us by email or at +49 (0)5731 4962902.
The rod of the Walnut 01 Clothes Rack looks so filigree. Is it really sturdy enough to hang it full of clothes?
Yes, the rod of the Walnut 01 Clothes Rack is stable enough for any typical use (hanging everything that you would usually put on a clothes rack).
Will the powder coating of the crossbar be damaged by metal hangers?
The powder coating we use is very robust. So far, even in the long-term test of the Walnut 01 Clothes Rack, no damage to the coating has occurred. However, if damage does occur, please contact us by email or on +49 (0)5731 4962902 and we can replace the crossbar if necessary.
Can I order a weld & co walnut clothes rack with my own choice of dimensions?
We are happy to manufacture custom walnut clothes rack for you. Please contact us by email or at +49 (0)5731 4962920 or use our form for customized production.

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L 150 × 40 × 160 cm, L 150 × 40 × 160 cm, M 117 × 40 × 160 cm, M 117 × 40 × 160 cm, S 90 × 40 × 160 cm, S 90 × 40 × 160 cm


Black, Black, White, White

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