Materials and design in harmony

What sets the furniture and home accessories from weld & co apart? The materials metal and wood – which are used in combination in our Oak, Reclaimed Wood and Walnut collections. Each material has its own distinctive characteristics that complement the other perfectly.

Steel sheets, round bars, square tubes

Metal – in this case, steel – is, in the most positive sense of these words, a sober, robust, and almost indestructible material. Steel can be used to create delicate structures that would look clunky or lack stability if rendered in another material. Finished with a fine powder coating, the metal elements take on a refined appearance, while any illumination sparks a subtle play of light. The powder coating also keeps the steel from rusting and makes it easy to care for.


Wood, especially oiled oak, is a high-quality material – in look, feel, and function. Its attractive color, grain, and warmth give oak a special appeal. Wood changes over time, gaining its own distinctive appearance and individual character. And if you want wood to look “brand new” again, you can simply sand it a bit and oil it again.

Reclaimed Wood

For our Reclaimed Wood collection, we use wood that has already led one productive life and is now being repurposed for a second life as furniture. We use brushes and sandpaper to restore this naturally aged wood and give it a fresh glow, showcasing its innate patina and personality. This makes our Reclaimed Wood collection more than just a form of recycling. It takes supposedly useless wooden planks and upcycles them to grander things – discarded lumber becomes attractive, high-quality designer furniture.


Walnut is one of the precious woods. For the first time, the Italian Renaissance made increased use of the beauty of this wood. Walnut will win you over with its nuanced shades of brown, which can range from light to dark, and the silky shimmer of its surface. Not only is this premium wood a particularly beautiful material visually, but its workability and high quality also speak for themselves. The heavy, dimensionally stable wood is very hard-wearing and ensures durability and a long life.


All our surfaces are extremely easy to care for and do not require any special upkeep. To clean them, please use a duster or a soft, slightly damp cloth. If necessary, you can use a mild cleaning product. Please do not use caustic cleaning agents, abrasive cleaners, or products containing solvents. They can damage the surfaces and do more harm than good.
Please be sure to wipe wet spots (e.g. water, juice, “glass rings”) from wood surfaces as quickly as possible. Spills that can leave discoloring marks (such as fruit, tea, coffee, and red wine) must be removed immediately.

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Sustainability and resource conservation

The selection and sourcing of materials are important levers in the systematic pursuit of sustainability and resource conservation at weld & co. With this in mind, we source our materials in Europe, stay up to date on (technical) innovations that can help conserve resources, and regularly discuss potential improvements with our production partners.

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