Solid 02 Wall Shelf

Solid 02 Wall Shelf



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This solid wall shelf is the perfect place for storing the small containers which are often found in kitchens and bathrooms.
Its flat surface catches any spills, while the upturned front edge keeps small items from accidentally slipping off.

By adding S-hooks, clips, or magnets, its range of possible uses can be expanded even further. And this model also gives each color a chance to shine. So the Solid 02 Wall Shelf is an easy way to add contemporary color accents to your home decor.

Solid 02 Wall Shelf is available in four colors.

Do you have questions about the Solid 02 Wall Shelf?
Then please have a look at the frequently asked questions or contact us. Further information on wall mounting can be found in the mounting instructions.

Steel sheet with powder coating

50 × 8 × 4 cm

Purchase includes:
Wall shelf, mounting hardware

Please note:
The full load-bearing capacity of the shelf up to 10 kg can only be met if it is securely and correctly attached to the wall.

Mounting & assembly

Every weld & co home accessory or piece of furniture that has to be assembled or mounted comes with the necessary materials and instructions. If you have any questions about mounting or if any questions arise in the process, please contact our technical support team at +49(0)5731 4962902 or by email.

Care instructions

All our surfaces are extremely easy to maintain and do not require any special care.
For cleaning, please use a feather duster or a soft, slightly damp cloth. If at all necessary, please use mild cleaning agents. Please do not use harsh cleaners, abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing solvents. They will attack the surfaces and do more damage than good.
Please be sure to remove wet stains (for example, water, juice, wine) on wood surfaces as quickly as possible. Strongly staining stains (such as stains of fruits, tea, coffee and red wine) must be removed immediately from all surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many kilograms does the Solid 02 Wall Shelf support?
With a stable wall mounting and professional assembly, the wall shelf can be loaded with up to 10 kg – this corresponds to about 30 paperbacks.
How do I attach the Solid 02 Wall Shelf?
The Solid & Grid wall shelves are attached to masonry walls (made of stone, concrete blocks, etc.) with wall anchors and screws, which are included in the delivery. When mounting to lightweight walls (include drywall, sheet rock, gypsum board, and wood and wood-based panels), wall anchors suitable for the wall material must be used – these are NOT included. For certain lightweight materials, wall anchors may not be required at all. Detailed mounting instructions are included with each wall shelf. If you have any questions about mounting or if any questions arise in the process, please contact our technical support team at +49(0)5731 4962902.
What tools do I need to mount a wall shelf from the Solid & Grid collection?
Please have the following tools ready for the mounting:
– Spirit level
– pencil
– drill/accumulator screwdriver for stone/concrete walls
– 6 mm drill bit (Attention: Choose a drill bit that matches the wall material!)
– hammer
– Phillips screwdriver

Tip: Mount the shelf with the help of a second person.

Detailed mounting instructions are included with each wall shelf.

Does the front edge of the Solid 02 Wall Shelf complicate the mounting?
The height of the front edge is chosen so that it does not interfere with mounting. Nevertheless, it is recommended to be a little careful when screwing the shelf. If you want to be on the safe side, you can protect the upturned front edge by placing a soft cloth under it during assembly.
Can I order a weld & co metal shelf with my own choice of size and color?
In principle, we can make metal wall shelves in many different sizes and colors. However, this may only be worthwhile from a certain number of pieces. Please contact us for a special size/color request by email or under +49 (0)5731 4962920 or use our form for customized production.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 8 × 4 cm

Anthracite, Anthracite, Light gray, Light gray, Pastel green, White, Pastel green, White

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